At Ag Partners, our mission is simple: Help Producers Prosper. Whether that’s through tried and true agronomic advice, solutions and services, through our high-quality feed, or through our innovative risk management products for grain, every day, we’re working for you.  
Ag Partners is a true partnership in which both parent companies have equal ownership and equal representation on an eight-member board of directors. Each partner retained ownership of its respective facilities (in exchange for annual lease payments from the LLC) and invested capital to ensure a strong start for the new company.

Ag Partners continually invests in its facilities and equipment to keep pace with customer needs. The company also continually invests in grain storage upgrades and enhanced grain-drying capabilities to improve service when our customers are the busiest. Our vision isn’t to keep pace with customer needs, but stay ahead of them, so our customers receive the best possible service.

We operate 16 facilities throughout Iowa. Our strong employee roster matches our commitment to service at each of these grain facilities, retail agronomy outlets, and feed mills.


In 1997, a worldwide ag company and a progressive Iowa cooperative created a joint venture. Cargill and Albert City Elevator, a Cooperative (Alceco), developed Ag Partners LLC to offer local producers the best combination of extensive financial and logistical assets with the traditional cooperative ability to share in profits and impact business decisions.

For over 100 years Alceco, the cooperative in the Ag Partners joint venture, has been serving Iowa producers. The co-op is owned and democratically controlled by its farmer-members and returns surplus revenue to them. Alceco merged with Midwest Farmers Cooperative on Dec. 1, 2008. Members elect 12 Alceco directors who retain responsibility and authority for the cooperative business.
All cooperative shareholders accrue patronage for their business with Ag Partners. The company differs from some farmer-owned cooperatives, though, because its equity policy is structured to contribute to the farmer-member’s cash flow while retaining equity for the future. Are you interested in Alceco membership? Click below to learn more.


Alceco, the farm cooperative component in Ag Partners LLC, contributes leadership through its board of directors elected by customers holding co-op membership. Thanks to board members’ participation in decisions, customers can expect growth grounded in practicality. These active farmers willingly contribute their time to advancing the needs of all our members.


We encourage our front-line employees to make timely decisions at ground level. But some situations require calling in a specialist. We’re fortunate to have a team of highly experienced practitioners ready to backstop our field staff. 

Don’t be surprised if you meet one of our team leaders out in the thick of things from time to time. They’re not afraid of a little dirt, and they seek opportunities to hear what customers have to say.


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Return your credit application to your local Ag Partners' location or fax to 712-843-5284 (attention Credit Department).

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For questions regarding your customer statement, contact your local Ag Partners' location or call 1-800-242-5022 and ask to speak to someone in the Credit Department.

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