Ag Partners’ foundation was built on advising farmers about products that make a difference. We offer the best in crop nutrition and protection which can mean a bigger payoff for your operation.
Consider the combination of Viathon and CoRoN for soybeans.
Viathon® is a broad-spectrum fungicide using three modes of action for cost-effective disease control. It contains two active components – tebuconazole and potassium phosphate. Tebuconazole works systemically for consistent disease control. Potassium phosphate controls diseases with two modes-first by inhibiting fungal growth and also by activating the plant’s immune system. Viathon is a first-rate tool for integrated disease management with excellent crop safety.
CoRoN® is a well-known, controlled-release foliar fertilizer that provides weeks of
steady nutrition. The consistent release of nutrition results in optimum growth and yield without the growth spike of conventional fertilizers. CoRoN is both safe and economical to use … an excellent supplement to your standard fertility program.
These products combined result in optimum growth and yield. Another clear advantage is a Performance Assurance program provided by Ag Partners to the grower using these products. Look to us for fertilizer and fungicide efficiency that takes yields to a higher potential on every acre. Our Sales Agronomists can show you how this new combination can give you the edge with your beans.  
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