Sioux Central STEM Club Awarded Funds from Alceco

The Sioux Central School District STEM Club was recently awarded matching grants from Alceco, a farmer-owned cooperative, and the Land O’Lakes Foundation.

The organization was awarded a total of $300, which will be used to cover the cost of the after school STEM program, so students can attend for free. The STEM Club averages about 24-26 students per activity, with several activities taking place throughout the spring semester. Planned activities include challenges around the Great Arctic Circle, water, air, and model rockets.

Albert City Elevator, A Cooperative (Alceco), dates back to 1925. The original Farmers Elevator Company was created as a stock company in 1905 and reorganized as a cooperative 20 years later. Today, Alceco continues to thrive as the farmer-owned cooperative partner of Ag Partners, L.L.C. The Land O’ Lakes Foundation match program matches dollar-for-dollar the cash donation of member cooperatives. For more information on Alceco, visit