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Ag Partners is a leader in precision agriculture. Our award-winning InSiteCDM program, combined with our variable rate technology offerings will set you up for success.


The Difference is in The Details

Ag Partners believes measuring soil fertility levels is a smart step in any crop system. An increase in crop acres, higher input costs and crop prices all illustrate the need to maximize yields and nutrient efficiency. We need to accurately account for fertility in the soil bank. 
IntelliCoreā„ , Ag Partners’ proprietary nutrient management system, combines intensive and repeatable grid soil sampling by professional crop consultants, soil analysis from a certified laboratory with an agronomist on staff, and advanced prescriptions created from a one-million acre database of information gathered over 20 years.

Sampling Specifics 

  • Field boundary is driven using DGPS accurate to 2” and the field acres are registered 
  • For a first-time field, well defined areas within each grid are located (point grid sampling). If the field is to be resampled, the previous points are loaded into the display. 
  • The sampler then drives to the grid points and pulls the 6” cores in a predetermined pattern around his or her vehicle. 
  • The sample dirt is saved in prelabeled bags and to send to the laboratory 
  • When finished with the field, the sampler then records and saves the geo-referenced  file 
  • After the laboratory finishes the soil analysis, the results are added to the geo-referenced files. 
  • The results book is produced so fertility prescriptions can be made using our equations.


The Value of InSiteCDM

There was a time when a farmer could easily call to mind what happened on the back 80—rainfall, plant population, weed outbreaks, and fertilizer timing—for the past several years.
Today you’re collecting more information, farming more acres, and generally testing the limits of your own memory. InSiteCDM’s value is tremendous. With this program, you will:

Make Sense of YOUR Data
            InSiteCDM uses your data to help you make more informed decisions about your operation
Make More Efficient Inputs
            Knowing what you need and where you need it helps you make more informed decisions
Valuable Tools, Designed For you
             Exclusive tools, like the Grower Top 10 Report, help you see the big picture. The Grower Top 10 Report provides statistical correlation between variations in yield and in all other variables for a grower’s entire operation by crop and yield. This helps you and your agronomist determine which variables likely had the greatest influence on yield variability across the entire operation.
Record Keeping, Simplified
            Each year, growers in the program receive a field history and farm history report, which summarizes specifically what happened on each field and your entire operation. This gives you and your Sales Agronomist a record of the growing environment, and shows agronomic trends.

Variable Rate Technology

Starting in the early 1990s, Ag Partners has been a leader in variable rate technology. As early as 1994, Ag Partners performed the first GPS guided grid sampling, followed by the first variable rate applications of fertilizer, granular lime, Aglime and crop protection products.
Today, Ag Partners still continues to lead the way in the latest variable rate technology, providing proven prescriptions for success.
With our variable rate fleet of spreaders, sprayers and NH3 bars, we are able to variable rate dry and liquid fertilizers, Aglime, Gypsum, crop protection products, seed and more.

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